This website is a collaborative effort by the many people involved in the Herring School. The Herring School is part of the Tula Foundation's Hakai Program. The Herring Schoolers come from diverse backgrounds, training, and communities, but are linked in their passion to learn about the ecological and cultural importance of Pacific herring and to share this knowledge broadly. Doing this means connecting traditional and western scientific knowledge, gathering data from the past and the present, and working with and learning from individuals from diverse communities.  This web site is one of many efforts to educate about this one very cool fish.

We are grateful to the many funders and partners who have made this interdisciplinary and cross-cultural effort possible. 

Our funders and partners: Tula Foundation, SSHRC, NSERC, National Geographic, Heiltsuk First Nation, Hakai Beach Institute, Tla'amin First Nation, Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management, Qqs Society, Gladstone Reconciliation Team, and the Bella Bella Community School.  

Mark Wunsch, Greencoast Media is responsible for the concept, layout, and video content of this website. Mark Wunsch and Dana Lepofsky, and other Herring Schoolers are responsible for the text content; Alisha Gauvreau provided editorial assistance.